The date of 25 October 1891 was marked by music. All over Ljubljana solemn concerts were held, and at the central concert Liszt’s Piano concerto was performed.

We can only imagine how enchanted the visitors were, admiring the miraculous Great Hall for first time, with its frescoes painted by H. Wettach, an extremely popular artist of the time. Nor did the Small Hall lag behind in its splendour.

Later, in 1937, the Great Hall was renovated and, in keeping with architect Jože Platner’s plans, a balcony was added. The reconstruction of the undulating rare façade with vases was carried out under Jože Plecnik’s supervision.

The preparations for the tercentenary of the Slovenian Philharmonic and its predecessors (2001/02), brought about a thorough renovation of the entire building. The restored building was inaugurated on 25 September 2001, while on 8 January 2003, on the three hundredth anniversary of the first documented performances, the newly installed organ resounded in the Great Hall for the first time.